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Burn The Fat

The "Burn The Fat" system was developed by long time builder and fitness expert Tom Venuto. Tom says he can show you a fool proof way to "turbo charge" your
metabolism and burn pounds of fat off your body...

Because his plan focuses on fat loss and not weight loss there is no need to starve yourself or go through any of those fad diets that you see on TV and the internet...

Here's an excerpt from Tom about his system:

"Now14 Years and Thousands of Diligent Work Hours Later I Made Some Amazing - and Some Appalling - Discoveries

The first thing I discovered was that almost everyone is getting ripped off by supplement companies. I learned that most magazines are nothing more than "supplement catalogs" and that dishonest companies will tell you anything to make a fast buck.

The diet and supplement industries are filled with corrupt marketing vultures that are getting rich by preying on your fearshopes and aspirations. Unfortunately there's been no way of protecting yourself from becoming a victim of these ruthless scam artists - until now.

The second thing I discovered is that almost everyone is dead wrong in the way they diet to lose body fat. In fact the way you're dieting to lose weight might be severely damaging your metabolism."

Burn the fat is a comprehensive 337 page manual that covers everything you need to know about losing unwanted fat from your body resulting in being healthier and living longer...

There are customer testimonials directly on the site that back Tom's system and what he's saying is the absolute truth...

Along with his 56 day guarantee and various bonuses we give Burn The Fat our highest 5 star rating.

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